Repeater Cable plus Cradle for TripMaster GFX v2 Pro


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Productinformation “Repeater Cable for TripMaster GFX v2 Pro”


Connect your Garmin GPS device to our TripMaster GFX v2 Pro to make full use of the “Repeater” function.

This setup enables you to show important waypoint information on your GFX v2 Pro including:

  • Arrow to waypoint
  • Name of waypoint
  • Distance to waypoint

On your Garmin you only need to create and follow a route containing multiple waypoints or choose to navigate to a single waypoint.
The GFX v2 Pro will then show you all the vital information on your cockpit so there is no need to tilt your head down to your handlebars where your Garmin is mounted.

Additionally, you can set the GFX v2 Pro to show the data for the waypoint at all times or only after you are within a radius of either 500m or 1000m. An important feature for training!

The cable ends are fitted with a male M8 4-pin connector that allows for a direct connection to the opposite plug of the GFX v2 Pro.